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The Ministry of Justice, being aware of the need to expand legal awareness among young people older than four years, is conducting a legal education programme. The need to educate Poles in the law is beyond doubt, therefore the idea of the Minister of Justice regarding the introduction of school lessons on the execution of the law is worth implementing. Knowing these basics is the minimum necessary for a citizen who wants to move freely in the modern world and consciously participate in the functioning of the state.

The programme is implemented through various initiatives, which will be reported through a website.

You do not need to convince anyone about the need to strengthen legal education in schools. A good grounding in such education provides the basis for the curriculum implemented in middle schools and secondary schools as part of the normal cycle of education.

The most important skills that students should have in the field of legal education and civic education as part of the normal cycle of education as well as specialised workshops should be primarily the ability to evaluate and define their situation and the ability to find relevant information and understanding so as to be able to apply them in practice to a specific situation. It is also important that students are able to correctly formulate questions about their cases and, if they know where to look for help, where to go for advice on more complex cases.

Activities in the field of legal education in the Ministry of Justice are dealt with in the Department of International Cooperation and Human Rights.

We invite you to share with us initiatives, ideas from the wider scope of legal education of children and youth via the link "Contact us".


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